Monday, June 29, 2009

[THIN] Java dialog boxes


Having an issue with a homegrown Java applet that keeps hanging Internet Explorer on our Citrix boxes.

Seems the Java applet is trying to popup a modal dialog box that somehow gets behind the IE window.  We got this from looking at the threads from a process dump of a hung IE instance.

The user can cause the hang pretty consistently by Alt-tabbing between seamless Citrix windows on her desktop quickly.

We're running Citrix 4.0/Windows 2003/IE6 on these servers.

Here's what we've tried so far...
  • Update the JRE configuration to disable DirectDraw support
  • Upgrade Citrix client to the latest version (version 11)
  • Disabled all IE Add-ons, except Java
  • Toggle the "Force offscreen compositing even under Terminal Server" setting in IE
  • Force the Citrix published application into windowed mode (TWIMode=off)
  • Cleaned out the published browser's cache
  • Upgraded Java on Citrix server (from 1.5.0_05 to 1.6.0_11)
  • Set the SeemlessFlags registry entry to 0x00027fb6

So far nothing has helped.

Anyone, have any other ideas?


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